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What We Do
Capture Buyer & Seller Leads
You give us the area that you want to focus on, and we’ll capture tons of buyer and seller leads for you every month using our proprietary Facebook marketing strategies.
We’ll Call Your Leads

We’ll call your leads as soon as they come in, and we’ll follow up with your leads by making as many as 10 phone calls to get them on the phone and scrubbed for you.
We’ll Set Sales Opportunities
That’s right! We scrub the leads and set sales opportunities every month with people that want to buy or sell their home in your area. 
Do Your Video Marketing For You
We’ll record TWO educational videos with you every month to help you stay in front of your sphere of influence. Don’t worry we’ll guide you through that process!

What Our Clients Say About Us
Pete Bauch
Niko Apostal
Kara Willis
Jeremy Glass
Andrey Gulyy
David Salazar
Ethan Dozeman
Joe Fernald
Nick Gerfen
About Us
Our Motto:
We Bring You The Clients. You Close Them.
At ZipCeleb, we come to work every day because we solve the biggest problem for real estate agents. Agents waste a ton of money on real estate marketing without ever seeing a return on their investment! Agents try every trick in the book, from buying internet leads, to building expensive websites, and even hiring marketers who rarely produce real results!

Our clients see an amazing return on their investment when they work with us because we hold ourselves accountable to delivering real and measurable results. Our team works around the clock in our office located in Vancouver Washington, so that you don’t have to ever worry about where your next closing will come from. We believe that real estate agents deserve to have a sales and marketing partner that they can trust to bring them new clients on a consistent basis, and that's what we do for our clients.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long would it take until I start seeing results?
Pretty darn fast... We usually book the first appointment within the first week of us working with a new client.
2. How many leads can I expect every month?
We capture on average 100 leads every month, and you get to keep every lead that we capture.
3. What is the quality of the sales appointments that you set every month? 
The appointments are SOLID. We'll ask questions to get an idea of their financial situation, motivation to move, and if they're working with another agent.
4. Are your ISA's (Internal Sales Agents) based in the US?
Our ISA team works from our office located in Vancouver Washington. 
5. Are my leads/appointments exclusive?
Yes. We do not share your leads with any other agents.
6. Is this service best suited for independent agents or teams?
Our service is suited for both teams and independent agents.
7. Can your ISA team call my Zillow,, or Trulia leads? 
Yes! Contact us for the details on that.
8. What CRM do you provide? 
We'll provide you with LionDesk, but we can integrate with any CRM that you currently use.
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